Name Tags

Today’s world is all about identification and, of course, we can design you a specialty nametag that will be like no other. Our sublimation process allows us to use a wide array of colors to match your business plan and your logo can be included to give the name tag a very official look. Take a look at the many styles of nametags that we have designed for our customers and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us with your ideas. A great feature of our nametags is that they can have a magnetic backing so there is no damage to clothing.


Anady’s is also offering all sorts of unique, custom-designed ID tags —for your grandmother all the way down to your granddaughter. We have identification tags that fit in your wallet or glove box and give pertinent identification information to emergency workers. In a difficult situation, your insurance and prescription drug info could save your life!


One of our favorite tags hangs on the car seat so that, in case of emergency, police officers know where your children belong and how to get in touch with important people. We can put as much information on the tag as you would like. The little person who rides with you needs to be identified!

No kids? We also create pet tags that attach to collars—hefty for your big dog or lightweight for a dainty cat. If you are into dog shows, we have bag tags so your belongings will be identified. We also offer memorial plates that attach to pet urns or wooden boxes. Our tags can be cut to just about any shape and size and we delight in turning your idea into reality.


Another great use for our ID tags is your garden! Have a garden with lots of different roses whose names you’d like to remember? Attach one of our plastic garden tags to your bush and it will stay put for years to come.


When you need an identification tag for any reason, call Anady’s.