Trophies have been the heart and soul of Anady's Trophies and Engraving since 1976 when Dan Anady started the business and ran it with his family in Hemet. Since those days, trophies have experienced a revolution in terms of what is available. With a starting price of $7.50 for a small trophy, the trophy remains the most affordable and most prized award around. Whether you are a coach looking for a way to recognize every member of your team or a team mom wanting to say thanks to a coach, it's always fun to receive a trophy. We have a variety of bases, columns in any color of the rainbow, and a variety of figures to fit your sport or special occasion. We even had a couple of women who bought a trophy for their favorite accountant one year. Was he ever surprised!


Located in the Inland Empire, we can create a trophy--or a whole room full of trophies--that will take care of your entire association or organization. We are experienced at handling huge orders, customizing each trophy with the player and team name. We are conveniently located in Southern California and we offer custom delivery on large orders--as well as substantial discounts for associations.

Action figures are available for cheerleading, football, soccer, jazz band, marching band, baseball, basketball, water polo, swimming, t-ball, grammies, softball, fishing, shooting, archery, bowling, golf, billiards, bodybuilding, gymnastics, hockey, karate, judo, marathons, motocross, choir, tennis, track, volleyball, wrestling, racing, ballet, badminton, cross country, cycling, boxing, bridge, cribbage, cricket, dancing, darts, drill team, 4H, horsemanship, handball, rodeo, horseshoes, lacrosse, pool, shuffleboard, skateboarding, rugby, skating, surfing, public speaking, sailing, skiing, snowmobiling, squash, ping pong, martial arts, weight lifting--and did I miss anything?? And within those categories are all the varied team positions you could ask for.

When you want to offer special recognition that says "Good job!" call Anady's Trophies and Engraving. We are equipped to fill your entire list of achievement awards. Just This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us with your ideas!

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